Surepoint Emergency Center Announces The Addition of the Latest in CT Scan Technology

Denton, TX, December 1, 2015 – Surepoint Emergency Center, a division of Surepoint Health Systems, announced today the installation of the Siemens Somatom Scope CT Scanner.

This revolutionary piece of equipment runs significantly faster, provides higher resolution scans, and operates at a lower cost than traditional CT Scanners that you would typically find at a Hospital. “We are extremely excited to have this scanner installed as it is a perfect fit in our goal to provide an accurate diagnosis at a very rapid pace” said Michelle Newsom, VP of Medical Operations. “With a motto of Feel Better Faster, you’ve got to have the right staff, systems and equipment in place.”

About Surepoint Emergency Center
Surepoint Emergency Center is a free standing ER which will eliminate the long lines, waiting and frustration of your typical hospital emergency room. “We will deliver the latest medical ER care using state of the art technology and highly trained ER staff. It is my desire to bring the highest level of emergency care to the city of Denton and the surrounding communities.  Our team of board certified physicians is always ready, no matter the time of day or night” said Dr. Bennetsen, a leading ER Doctor in the North Texas area and partner.

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