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Surepoint Emergency Center is open 24 hours a day and is located at I-35E and Loop 288 on the east side of the highway.  At Surepoint, you are seen by a doctor within 5 minutes of your arrival. No waiting in the hospital emergency room waiting when you are sick.

Surepoint Emergency Center Opens

Surepoint Emergency Center Opens

Regional Emergency Center to provide emergency medical services to the Denton area.

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The Surepoint Emergency Center located at 2624 Lillian Miller Parkway announced today that they are officially open to the public.

SUREPOINT Emergency Center is a community-focused, freestanding emergency room provider offering an upscale alternative to the traditional hospital ER waiting room experience. Their top priority is bringing higher quality, easily accessible emergency care to families in Denton. With experienced, accredited staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and a modern approach to medicine, they are committed to making patients feel better faster in an environment of comfort and compassion.

Making long emergency room wait times a thing of the past

Waiting to be seen is often the most painful part of an ER visit. At Surepoint Emergency Center, the top priority is helping you feel better as soon as possible. When you arrive, compassionate staff will take you straight to a room and perform triage at your bedside so you can see a doctor sooner. With a streamlined care process, you get results quickly and return home faster. Their staff is not distracted by the logistics involved in managing a high volume of patients. We are just the right size to concentrate our care on you.

Proper patient treatment is about more than just medicine.

From the moment you arrive at their upscale emergency care facility, you will notice the difference of being treated in a clean, comfortable, compassionate environment. During your visit, their friendly and experienced staff will help you and your family feel as calm and safe as possible. For cases that require a period of medical observation without the need for hospital intervention, attentive doctors and nurses will observe you in a relaxing, private setting until you can safely return home.

A modern approach to medicine supports better health outcomes.

At Surepoint Emergency Center, they base patient care on research-driven decision making and best practices with a strong focus on staying up to date with the latest medical advances. Their freestanding emergency room is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment for faster, more accurate diagnosis, less painful procedures, and better outcomes. With full access to accurate, legible electronic medical records, their healthcare team has the information needed to provide proper treatment as quickly as possible.

Staffed with fully accredited and highly trained health professionals.

At a typical family practice, doctors see relatively few emergencies during a typical year and may not be able to provide essential interventions when faced with an immediate, life-threatening condition. The experienced practitioners at our facility perform lifesaving procedures on a routine basis. When seconds count in preventing death or lifelong medical consequences, our ER certified physicians and nurses act swiftly and certainly to administer critical treatment

Unlike an urgent care center, the Surepoint ER offers direct hospital admission.

With a firm belief that patients should not have to start over again in the ER of a hospital after being transferred from another facility. Surepoint ER minimizes your overall wait time for treatment in two ways. Upon initial admittance in our ER, they start by providing true emergency care immediately. Then, if in-patient treatment is required, you are admitted directly to the appropriate hospital without delay. Skip the line and get the care you need now.

As they say, “When it comes to your family’s health, BE SURE”. To find out more visit