Infection that is Getting Rapidly Worse

The most common types of infections are bacterial infections, viral infections, and wound infections. Without proper treatment, an infection like these can lead to long-lasting, serious medical problems.

If prescribed medication for a viral or bacterial infection is not effective, seek further medical help. If the symptoms become increasingly harsh, a visit to the ER may be necessary.

Typically, a wound becomes infected when not treated or cared for properly. An infected wound is one with multiple of the following characteristics:

  • Pus drainage from the wound.
  • Swollen, red area around the wound.
  • A red streak branching out from the wound.
  • Fever accompanying the above symptoms.
A seemingly harmless viral, bacterial, or wound infection can have painful and harmful effects if not treated properly and immediately. Therefore, a wound with these characteristics requires immediate attention from the ER.
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