Why Surepoint

Why Surepoint Emergency Center?

Surepoint Emergency Center is a modern emergency medical facility located right in your neighborhood – an alternative to the traditional hospital ER experience. We bring convenience along with highly-trained emergency medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our top priority is bringing higher quality, easily accessible emergency care to your family. We are committed to making patients feel better faster in an environment of comfort and compassion.

Five Key Differences at Surepoint ER

Immediate Attention

Let’s face it. The hospital ER experience can be lengthy and painful.   At Surepoint Emergency Center, we do things differently by helping you feel better as quickly as possible. When you arrive, there will be minimal or no wait time. Our compassionate staff will see you and perform triage at the bedside so you can be with the doctor sooner and return home faster.

Modern, Comfortable Setting

During your visit to our clean and comfortable center, our staff will help you and your family feel as calm and safe as possible. For cases that require a period of medical observation without the need for hospital admission, our attentive doctors and nurses will observe you in a relaxing, private setting.

State-of-the-Art Medicine

You deserve care that is based on research-driven decisions, best practices, and the latest medical advances. Our center is fully equipped to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses and better outcomes. With access to accurate electronic medical records, our healthcare team has the information needed to provide the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Highly Trained Staff

Our highly-qualified physicians, technicians, and nurses have years of experience in the specialized field of emergency medicine. When minutes count in preventing death or lifelong medical consequences, our team acts swiftly to administer critical treatment.

Direct Hospital Admission

If an evaluation of your condition indicates that you require in-patient treatment, you shouldn’t have to start over in a hospital ER. If you are transferred to a hospital from our emergency center, you skip the line and are assigned directly to an in-patient room without delay.

‘This facility does not participate in Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare Plans.’