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Sign of Alzheimer's

November 20, 2020

Sign of Alzheimer's You left your keys in the front door and forgot to put the ice cream back in the freezer. Is it old-age, forgetfulness, or could it be a sign of Alzheimer’s? For most, there’s no reason to be concerned, unless you put the keys in the freezer and stored the ice cream in the car. While old age is inevitable (if you live long enough!), Alzheimer’s is not. While most people begin to forget things as they grow older,...

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Social Distancing 

October 28, 2020

Social Distancing  In the past year, people all over the world have been spending a lot of time alone social distancing. The COVID-19 global pandemic has been quarantining entire countries for months, and when then if people are exposed or ill. They have to go back into self- or government- or physician-imposed isolation. For some people, being alone is a dream come true or not that much different than their normal routine. But for most, it’s...

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