X-ray Services

Radiography | X-ray Imaging

X-ray imaging is an important tool for diagnosing various injuries to the human body.  At Surepoint, we have these tools on-site and that allows us to provide our patients with the care they need without going to a lab or other facility.

 X-rays Allow the Doctor to See Inside the Body to:

  1. Checking for broken bones.
  2. Reviewing the lungs for signs of pneumonia
  3. Diagnosing reported pain in the abdominal region.

X-ray images are particularly useful because they display different shades for different parts of your body.  This happens because different tissues absorb varying amounts of radiation.  Bones look white because the calcium in the bones absorbs X-rays the most.  The gray areas are fat and other soft tissues as they absorb less radiation.  The lungs end up looking black because air absorbs the least amount of radiation.

Why Do We Need an X-Ray in the Emergency Center?

There are three primary reasons:

  1. To support surgical treatment and medical planning
  2. Guide emergency specialists as they insert catheters, stents or other devices inside the body
  3. Painlessly, and non-invasively assist in disease diagnosis and monitor therapy

What are the risks?

While there are risks associated with the use of X-Ray technology, these risks are generally far outweighed by the benefits of using it.  Imagine having a broken bone with a jagged edge near a main artery.  That could have disastrous effects if not treated in an appropriate way.  Having an X-Ray image allows the emergency center doctor to take the necessary steps and precautions to treat the patient effectively.

Our team at Surepoint Emergency Center will outline the risks for each patient, and explain the benefits from using it.

X-Rays are invaluable when it comes to diagnosing a patient’s reported problem. Ultimately, they assist us in outlining a plan of action to get the patient on the road to healing.

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