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About Surepoint Emergency Center in Addison (Dallas), TX

We understand that during an emergency, time is important and you need to find an emergency room nearby, fast. Surepoint Emergency Center in Addison (Dallas) is a 24/7 emergency clinic dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and compassionate care without the wait. We specialize in a wide range of health conditions including minor injuries, major cardiac and trauma cases, and beyond. Our Addison emergency care team is committed to efficient and compassionate patient care during critical times, helping you feel better as quickly as possible.

What Our Emergency Center Patients Have To Say. . .

I went in horribly sick and every staff member was kind and professional. From the front desk ladies to the nurses and the doctors; I cannot express how they not only treated my illness quick and professionally but made me feel at home. Best decision I ever made was to visit this ER.

- Alexandra Lasko, May 2022

Everyone was friendly and did everything in a timely manner. There were no long wait times. They were thorough and recommended physicians for me being that I am new to the Dallas area. When you are able to consume food if you have to stay overnight they accommodate you. My overall experience was better than I’ve ever had in any ER, here or in my hometown. The staff is great!

- Darlene Griffin, May 2022

As a pregnant teen I often receive a lot of dirty looks or talked to like I don’t know what’s going on. But this ER has never done that to me, they’ve been so kind every time I visit and as a worrier I’m here quiet often. There is never any wait and they always make sure I’m comfortable. I always enjoy my experience here and will continue to use this ER anytime I need to.

- Katlyn, May 2022

Why Choose Surepoint Emergency Center in Addison (Dallas), TX?

Dr. Dana Wingate

Expertly Trained Nurses and Doctors

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Conveniently Located. The ER That’s Close to You

child getting broken arm wrapped by Surepoint Emergency center doctor

24/7 Emergency Center. Little to No Wait Time


In-house Lab and Radiology

When faced with a medical emergency, there is no time to waste. Surepoint Emergency Center in Addison (Dallas) is dedicated to providing you with fast, reliable medical care 24/7, without a long and stressful wait. Our team of care specialists understands the urgent nature of emergency situations and will work quickly to deliver an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan in as little time as possible. When you need one-on-one medical care, you can be sure with Surepoint Emergency Center in Addison (Dallas).

Surepoint Emergency Center is a proud member of The Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers

Know that when it comes to an emergency it is your choice who you choose for an ER. Learn what the insurance companies don’t want you to know.

Fast ER Care Near You

In case of emergency, it’s important to have dependable and convenient care available at all times, without the stress of setting up an appointment. Surepoint Emergency Center in Addison (Dallas), TX understands this need and takes convenience one step further by offering a wide range of services, all under one roof. We offer general medical services, radiology and lab services, cardiac services, trauma and neurological services and more. If your situation requires hospitalization, we can take care of the admission process and arrange private ambulance transportation as needed.

Personal care with little to no wait time… right in your neighborhood.

General Medical Services

From the smallest instances up to life-threatening emergencies, Surepoint Emergency Center can help. We offer a suite of affordable medical emergency services to help you get back to a healthy life.

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Radiology & Laboratory Services

Our on-site full radiology and laboratory suite offers a range of imaging and testing options so you can get results faster and more efficiently, making your ER visit easier on you. From basic to specialized testing for strep or mono, we have you covered.

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Cardiac Services

If you are feeling symptoms of chest pain, stroke, or hypertension, it’s important not to ignore the warning signs of a cardiac event. Acting fast could mean the difference between life or death. At Surepoint Emergency Center, we understand the urgency of these situations, which is why we offer 24-hour cardiac services. Our professional and skilled staff is always ready to respond quickly and provide the care you need.

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Trauma and Neurological Services

From a fall to sports injuries, Surepoint Emergency Center has everything you need in our trauma and neurology department. Our suite of services is designed to provide you with medical care no matter your situation.

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