Q: Should I call first?
A: No call is necessary for our ERs. We are always ready for any emergency. For our Family Medicine centers, please call to make an appointment.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: No appointment is ever needed for our ERs. We are a 24/7 facility and will take care of you anytime day or night. For our Family Medicine centers, please call to make an appointment.

Q: Do you accept my insurance?
A: We are an out-of-network provider for all health benefit plans. We also have prompt/cash pay options if you do not have insurance or are underinsured. For more Insurance Information, click English or Spanish.

Q: Who do I contact for questions about patient records, billing, and/or insurance?
A: You can contact Customer Service at customerservice@surepointer.com or call at 877-437-7873.

Q: How long will we have to wait to be seen by a doctor?
A: We offer little to no wait time – usually 10 minutes or less at our ERs and Family Medicine centers.

Q: Can I bring my child/grandparent?
A: Absolutely, we care for all age groups.

Q: ER vs. Urgent Care
A: It’s important to understand the differences between emergency rooms (ERs) and Urgent Care facilities. If a medical condition is life-threatening or involves severe wounds or amputations of a limb, patients should go to the ER. If you are not sure, it’s best to go to the ER just to be safe.

Q: Shouldn’t we go to the hospital if we have a serious health issue?
A: We are ready for any emergency. We can diagnose the issue, treat and stabilize the patient. If a hospital admission and/or surgery is necessary, then we can transport you directly to the hospital where you will be admitted without wait to an inpatient room if needed.

Q: What if the person is unconscious or unresponsive?
A: In this case, you should call 911.