About Surepoint ER

About Surepoint ER

Why a Free-Standing ER

Get to know Surepoint ER! Surepoint is a 24/7 emergency center providing expert quality care to the community. Above all, we offer top-notch service with a team of highly-trained, quality doctors. In short, we’re taking modern emergency care in the right direction. 

Our team provides an expert and efficient medical diagnosis for health issues such as minor injuries and fever to major cardiac issues and trauma situations and beyond. Please view our Services page for a complete list and get to know Surepoint ER. Finally, medical care that is both fast and also friendly.

We offer efficient and effective emergency care with a personal touch together with a smile.

doctor comforting patient

The Surepoint Vision

What Makes Us Different

Surepoint ER envisions a healthier and safer community by providing top-notch medical services to our communities with little to no wait time. In addition to adult emergency medical care, we offer emergency services for children as well. We feature the best facilities and equipment, coupled with the ability to provide the care you need in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. We are sure when you get to know Surepoint ER, you will see why we should be your go-to emergency source.

child getting broken arm wrapped by Surepoint Emergency center doctor

Why choose Surepoint?

The service you need now

We believe in a little to no wait philosophy and we know when you get to know Surepoint ER, we’ll give you the best diagnosis and treatment possible with the help of:

medical team


Expertly trained doctors and nurses provide personal care

ambulance racing

We can provide transportation to a hospital if needed

doctor comforting patient

For all patients around the clock

urgent care room

One-on-one attention for proper, effective diagnosis

Taking Blood

We have immediate results to help treat you efficiently

Emergency Care around the clock

Our ER is open 24/7 to provide round-the-clock care

trauma care

Immediate specialized care for when you need it the most

doctor with patient

We care for you like family

Proud members of: