December is National Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month

safe toysSafe toys and gift awareness should be on everyone’s minds this Christmas season.  Are you aware of the possibility of serious risks linked to unsafe toys? Keeping the child’s abilities, age and interests in mind is important in toy shopping.

Gift awareness and toy safety tips include:

  1. Read package warning labels for the appropriate range of age and safety concerns. Be sure to choose toys and gifts that are designed for the age of the receiver.
  2. When it comes to children under that age of three, take extra caution and care when choosing gifts and toys. Select toys that are free of removable and/or small pieces. Also, look for toys that are non-toxic, lightweight, and have no sharp edges.
  3. Always carefully read all of the assembly and use instructions. Keep all the literature provided in case questions arise. Keeping complete warranty cards is also important.
  4. Discard all packaging from gifts and toys before giving it to a child.
  5. Considering the environment is important when it comes to where the toy will be used. If younger children may be there, toys designed for older children pose dangerous threats to younger children. A good solution is to wait to open toys with small pieces until the younger children have left or are taking a nap.
  6. Reminding family and caregivers of play-related safety concerns is recommended.
  7. Checking all toys on a regular basis is recommended and always make repairs immediately to ensure their safety.

Supervising all children, regardless of age, while playing is important due to the thousands of toy related incidents that occur during the holiday season.

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