Sugar Awareness Week: Making Some Positive Changes

sugar awarenessShould I Take The Sugar Awareness Challenge?

Perhaps the thought of living one day without any sugar panics you? After all, sweetness is genetically ingrained in humans at birth to encourage healthy nursing. Sweet sensing taste buds are the first to develop in infants. Often, we use sugar sweets like ice cream, cake, cookies, pie or our favorite candies as rewards for completing a hard assignment or just surviving a difficult day. Yes, you are the perfect candidate who will benefit from sugar awareness.

The truth is, “The Sugar Awareness Challenge” is pretty easy. Eliminating foods prepared with refined sugar and Aspartame for just five days isn’t as hard as you might think, and the results are insights on how you can control your sugar intake and quickly feel much better.

Sugar is the culprit that impairs learning and memory. In fact, it doesn’t cause hyperactivity, but you will experience sugar crashes, sluggishness, even mood swings after binging on treats. Now that the holidays have passed, it would be the perfect time to take the Sugar Awareness Quiz and experiment with journaling how you feel for five days.

Starting a Family Challenge

Bad habits can follow us through-out our lives, but so will Good Habits. Working together to help each other get through the day without sugar binges will improve your family dynamics and make you all aware of how sugar effects mood, energy, and even memory. If you can’t bear to throw away your sugar and sugary foods,┬ástore them in a locked box until the sugar awareness challenge is over. During the five days, everyone share what each day was like.

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