Holiday Illnesses: What to Know Before I Travel

travelWe’ve all been there—sitting beside someone on a train or airplane. They’re sneezing and coughing, and you’re trying to cover your nose and mouth and get out of their path of germs.

Getting sick over the holidays and missing out on all the fun and festivities is no fun at all. But how can you avoid getting sick while traveling? Here are some top tips for the holidays.


It’s really true that washing your hands is the single best defense against illness. Wash your hands frequently, after being in public places like airports, train stations and taxis, but also holiday attractions like museums that you might visit. Pack a bottle of hand sanitizer to use in a pinch. It’s particularly important that you wash your hands before eating, so that germs don’t touch the food that you ingest.


Drinking plenty of water is a foundation of good health. Airplanes have dry air and you can more easily become dehydrated. The same is true if you’re traveling to a high-altitude destination. While you’re in an airplane, alcohol consumption can further dehydrate you, so try to avoid it.


Since you’re on holiday, you may want to also take a holiday from exercising, but don’t. Instead, keep up the exercise. Do something, even if it is not your normal workout or routine. Exercise gets your blood circulation moving and also boosts your immune system. It also has the added benefit of helping with jet lag.

Most people put a lot of effort into the holidays shopping, cooking and party planning top the list. But don’t forget to plan to stay healthy as you travel this holiday season. If you don’t have your health, those other things are not so fun. Here’s to your health!

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