National Healthy Weight Week

Rather than succumbing to despair, you can use the week to refocus your mind and pursue healthy weight goals. Of course, it always helps to have an arsenal of tips and tricks, so consider these to make it successful.


  1. Rethinking Calorie Counting Is Essential.

This time of year is when counting calories and focusing on weight loss tend to become lower priorities. Instead, manage portions by switching to a smaller plate. It may not seem important, but a smaller plate may help prevent overeating by tricking the mind into thinking, “I’ve finished my meal.” Also, slow down when eating. It’s better for your digestion as well.

  1. Accept Your Body Type and Set Realistic Goals.

Not everyone will lose 10+ pounds on the best and latest diet craze. Body types differ, and those with more muscle mass may not see the pounds melt away as fast. Accepting body type is key to setting realistic weight goals. Set two or three small goals. Each goal should be specific, realistic, and less than perfect says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Instead of planning to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, focus on losing 10 pounds over a month – provided your physician approves of such weight loss.


  1. Get Moving.

Exercise can sound like a bad word when trying to lose weight, so focus on changing your lifestyle. Plan a walk outdoors or spend 15 extra minutes vacuuming while dancing to your favorite song. Take the stairs when you can or park a little farther out when going to the grocery store. Any type of movement helps to achieve a healthy weight.

  1. Eat Breakfast.

It’s not called, “the most important meal of the day,” for no reason. Eating breakfast can help prevent “over-hungry” feelings, therefore, breakfast may help prevent overeating in the afternoon or evening, asserts the CDC.

  1. Give Yourself a Pat on the Back.

Weight loss is hard. If it were easy, everyone would be fit, healthy, and at the perfect weight. Remember to take time for yourself. Treat yourself with kindness, and forgive yourself when you miss a goal.

Use National Healthy Weight Week to jump start your goal to a healthier year… but be careful.

Eating right and exercising is the goal, but safety ALWAYS comes first. Take your time and ease into new exercises. And of course, if any exercise or routine results in a serious fall or even a bone fracture, Surepoint Emergency Center is here to help.

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