Radiology and Laboratory Manager

Radiology and Laboratory Manager
Under the general supervision of the Radiology Director and Laboratory Consultant, the Radiology Laboratory Manager will report and is directly responsible for the efficient, effective running of the radiology and laboratory departments on a 24-hour basis for a freestanding emergency center. Supervising the effective competence of the lab and radiology machines and processes for the facilities.

Now Hiring Rad Manager

  • Must have current ARRT and TDH license
  • Registered in Computed Tomography required


  1. Administrative Competencies for Radiology/Laboratory Manager
  2. Department/ Unit Operation
  • Advances organizational mission
  • Operates across organizational boundaries and recognizes implications of actions and plans
  • Indicates a results-oriented approach
  • Ensures Department/Unit provides positive customer service
  • Identifies critical changes required to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Establishes clear Operational Unit goals and hold staff accountable for their responsibilities and performance
  • Complies with professional regulations
  • Makes timely, effective decisions
  1. Supervisory / Management Role
  • Delegates responsibility effectively
  • Motivates staff to be effective team members
  • Fosters the development of Unit employees to enhance their ability to contribute to meet business goals
  • Holds radiology and lab departments accountable for following regulations set forth by TSDH, CLIA, COLA.
  • Appropriately alters supervisory/management style to suit the situation and individuals involved
  1. Quality
  • Develops effective quality processes to improve the quality of the department
  • Facilitates staff education regarding current quality initiatives
  1. INTERACTIVE TEAM COMPETENCIES for Radiology/Laboratory Manager
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  • Sensitive to others
  • Cooperative, open, receptive, approachable
  • Acts in a pleasant manner
  • Flexible
  • Displays positive attitude


  1. Communication Skills
  • Listens actively, expresses ideas clearly, keeps others informed
  • Alters communication style as appropriate
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Writing skills indicate good grammar style and tone
  1. Teamwork/Quality Improvement
  • Balances team and individual responsibilities
  • Objective and open to other’s views
  • Gives and welcomes feedback
  • Contributes to positive team spirit
  • Puts success of team above own interest
  1. Professionalism
  • Maintains professional appearance
  • Observes facilities policies and rules governing conduct at work
  1. Customer Service
  • Shows respect for the customer
  • Anticipates/ responds quickly to customer needs/ concerns
  • Protects privacy and confidentiality
  • Keeps customers informed
  • Keeps commitments
  • Follows organizational quality customer service philosophy
  1. Ethics Competency
  • Demonstrates an understanding of and adherence to the Code of conduct
  • Conduct reflects the company’s value
  1. Patient Privacy
  • Demonstrates an understanding of, and adherence to, the principles of patient privacy and security of protected health information.


  1. Accountability/ Reliability
  • Takes responsibility for actions, follows instructions, responds to management direction, responds to requests for service and assistance.
  • Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines
  1. Organizational/ Time Management Skills
  • Sets and shifts priorities appropriately, integrate changes smoothly
  • Sets goals and objectives, maintain control over the workspace, manages interruptions
  • Meets deadlines
  1. Judgment
  • Makes appropriate decisions, supports and explains reasoning for the decision, makes timely decisions includes appropriate individuals in decisions.
  1. Problem Analysis/ Problem Solving
  • Works well in group problem-solving situations, organizes relationships between important elements, develops alternatives, exhibits creativity, aware of time limits.
  2. Completes team issues in a timely manner
  • Assesses educational needs of staff
  1. Maintains environmental safety and cleanliness.
  • Maintains a clean and safe environment for staff and patients
  • Assesses tools needed for staff to complete tasks in a safe and timely manner.
  1. Maintains/ assesses all rad/lab equipment
  • Ensures PMs are completed on all equipment.
  • Ensures repairs are made in a timely manner
  • Ensures physicist inspections per state requirement for radiology
  • Follow-up on recommendations from physicist for radiology
  • Has knowledge in both GE and Siemens CT equipment.
  1. Assesses all processes and develops policies and procedures to obtain quality.
  • Maintains regulatory compliance for both radiology and laboratory.
  • Addresses all occurrences and complaints in a timely manner; Follows-up with policies as needed
  • Reviews and revises all current policies and procedures annually under the direction of the Radiology Director and Laboratory Consultant.
  • Develops performance improvement projects annually.
  1. Scheduling/Clinical Hours
  • Works independently at employee’s discretion
  • Will visit a minimum of 3 facilities a week.
  • The employee will be required to work a minimum of one clinical shift a week.
  • Will be available to cover weekend calls.
  1. Travel
  • Has the ability to travel to all Surepoint locations in North Texas including the corporate office.
  • Has the potential to travel to facilities outside of the assigned region to include when deemed necessary.

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