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Reasons Kids Are Admitted to the Emergency Room

April 10, 2019

75% of kids' visits to the ER happen after traditional hours. When your child is injured or sick, it’s natural to panic and go straight to the emergency room. The reasons why kids go to the emergency room range far and wide. Head Injuries Whether it is from falling off of their bike or scooter. Children taken to the emergency room are there for trauma-related injuries. Even though wearing adequate head protection can help to...

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Time to Spring Forward – How Time Change Affects Your Health

March 7, 2019

Time Change Sunday, November 1, marks the beginning of Daylight-Saving Time in Texas, and unlike the transition in November when the clocks fall back an hour, in March you will lose an extra hour of time, as well as sleep. Although it’s only an hour, it can have a serious disruption on your body clock (the circadian rhythm). Here are a few ways the time change may affect your health. Quality of Sleep People naturally stay up late...

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